Buying – Selling

Here are the main points that allow you a better understanding of the acquisition process of your future property

During your purchase, we will guide you thru the complex steps of your investment. 

Target offer

We provide you with an offer, matching your requirement and criteria. We organize the visits of all selected properties.

Real Estate Lawyer

When you have selected one or more properties, if you do not already have a real estate attorney, we can put you in touch with one, who will represent you legally.

Purchase proposal *

It is the real estate agent who prepares the offer, which is a standard document in Florida that will serve as a sell or purchase and sells contract when it is accepted.

Security deposit

To reserve the property, a security deposit must be paid within 3 to 5 days of acceptance of the offer. It goes into the escrow account of the real estate lawyer.

Duration of the transaction

The duration of the transaction between the signing of the sale agreement and the signing of the purchase, is on average 45 days.

Purchasing under a company name

You can buy the property in your own personal name or create your real estate company, such as the Limited Liability Company (LLC).

The Closing

The last part of the transaction is called the “closing” and it is the delivery of the Deed and the HUD (document that details all account acquisition calculation).


In most cases, there are no agency fees charged to the buyer.


* This agreement opens the period of « due diligence » during which you can verify the authenticity of the official documents of your future property. During this period, it is highly recommended to inspect your future property by a licensed professional.

The report of the inspection will reveal all the hidden defects (roof, plumbing, electric, windows, heating, air conditioning, etc.…)

Before the inspection period is up, and If the inspection report is not satisfactory you can either ask the seller to make all the necessary repairs, or negotiate a drop in the price, or cancel the sales contract.

In general, the cost of an inspection varies from $ 200 to $ 1,000 depending on the nature of the property: apartment, house with pool, dock….

If your purchase is in a condominium, as a buyer, you must be approved by the « condo association » which has the power to enforce the regulations of the association. 

We will help you fill in the forms needed for the application. The procedure usually takes anywhere between 15 to 30 days.